I Built an Oscilloscope!

This is the JYE Tech DSO138 which I bought from eBay along with a third-party acrylic case.

The documentation was adequately detailed; including pictures and a step by step checklist of build instructions. The SMT components in my kit came pre-soldered to the board.

There was no time-lapse recording for this project as I feel under pressure when I do that. Instead I wanted to take my time, making it look professional. Unfortunately I didn’t think to solder the resistors with the board placed on a flat surface and as a result they’re quite messy.

The completed main board.

The DSO138 has an inbuilt 1kHz square-wave generator for testing and calibration.

You know out of this whole build, it was the acrylic case which took the longest to assemble. I spent more time trying to figure out how it was supposed to fit together than everything combined. I still don’t know if it is correct.

The acrylic buttons are fine but the sliding switch pieces are not long enough, detaching themselves from the switches below. I found I had to my fingers quite hard against the case to get enough grip to maneuver them. My guess is that JYE Tech have changed the model of switch they use in the DSO138 and the case manufacturer hasn’t updated their design to match.

I’m not very convinced of the ‘educational’ value of this kit in and of itself. None of the design is explained so it’s essentially just soldering practice. It is however a great tool for exploring and troubleshooting other kits. The one feature I wish the DSO138 had is the ability to capture what’s on the display, via USB or MicroSD perhaps.

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