Altronics PC Birdies

Second kit from Altronics, ‘PC Birdies.’
With my lesson learnt from last time I started with the short components and worked my way up. Two microprocessors is an odd design choice, they have to do this complicated synchronisation thing between them and they both have watchdog timers running and really… I would have simply used the next model up.
One neat trick it had was grounding the voltage divider for the light-dependent resistor to a microprocessor pin. That way when the analog to digital converter isn’t in use, those pins can be set high to stop the current flow. Also this is my first time drilling anything and I nailed it (is that a contradiction in terms?) Marked it out in pencil and started with a tiny drill bit for pilot holes etc. Thanks, years of Youtube!
It’s disappointing that the source code for the microcontroller firmware isn’t included as that’s the real brains of this operation. :c
I give this kit Birb/10.

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